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New Year Resolutions [How-to]

I’m writing this on the eve of New Year 2015, and this is the time we do this thing called “taking new year resolutions”. I’m sure everyone is aware of what this is. I’m...

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Best Advice Ever!

This is a blunt thing to say. So if you want to understand this, I must tell you some history behind it. This is what I did when I started out. My friend made web...

The best pen ever 1

The best pen ever

It’s early in the morning. How early ? My watch shows 3:30 am and I don’t feel sleepy. Probably because of this weird thing I’ve been having which I should stop. I haven’t written...

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[Spoilers ahead] My Rating : 9/10 It’s been three days since I watched Christopher Nolan’s movie, Interstellar. I can tell you that I’m still in an Interstellar-hangover and I don’t think I can sober up soon. The...

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Pointers and Brainfuck!

So it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and I was bored after having some good lunch. Then I just remembered there is this thing called “Brainfuck“. My friend told me about it two years back...

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New Blog !!

I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time. This is not exactly a new blog. I’ve had a blog similar to this with the same domain where I posted only about tech stuff...

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Hello world!

Hi! This is a mandatory hello world post. So yeah.   7 Kudos Don'tmove!